We sell New and Rebuilt 8" Rear and 9" Rear Ford Third Members.

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Ford 9 Inch Rears

Ford 9 inch rears stock Trac Loc posi to full spool all out race third members, we carry 47 Different 9-inch ratios in stock including 9”, 9 ½” and 10” Pro Gears. We service Standard, Nodular or Aluminum Yukon, Moser and Strange Cases. Rebuilt or New Trac Loc posi, Tru Trac, Wave Trac Clutchless Posies, Spools & Detroit Lockers are available.

If you’re local, we offer while-you-wait rebuilds, repairs and gear changes! We also offer drop-off & pick-up, or round trip shipping.

All Units carry a 6 Month, 100% warranty!

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8 and 9 Inch Ford Rears - 82 Quaker Rd Suite B, Pennsville, NJ 08070