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Yoke Measurement

How to Measure for Your Yoke:

Yokes for 8 inch and 9 inch Ford Rears

To properly build a third member to “bolt in” to your car, we will need to know what yoke your car currently has installed.  Please watch the video for a complete overview of how to do this before you order.

Short or long: measuring from the face of the pinion seal to the face of the yoke, there are two choices 3 ¼” (short) or 4 ¼” (long)

Wide or narrow: measure the width of the universal joint or between the tabs in the yoke, there are two choices 3 ¼” (1310 narrow) and 3 5/8” (1330 & 1350 wide).

U joint bearing cap size: measure the diameter of the u joint caps there are three sizes, 1 1/16”, 1 1/8” and 1 3/16.”

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