We sell New and Rebuilt 8" Rear and 9" Rear Ford Third Members.

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Custom Built Ford 9 Inch

8 and 9 Inch Ford Rears Built for Street to Race Applications

From stock Trac Loc posi, to full-spool, all-out race third members, 8 and 9 Inch Ford Rears will build your custom built Ford 9 inch rear end with experience and only the highest quality parts available.  We stock and service Standard, Nodular or Aluminum Yukon, Moser and Strange Cases too.

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47 Different 9″ ratios in stock! Number Match Case & Pinion Support too.
Standard, Nodular, Aluminum Thru-Bolt, Yukon, Moser & Strange Cases as well as Date Code Cases for restorations.
Rebuilt or New Trac-Loc Posi, New Tru-Trac Clutchless Posies, Spools & Detroit Lockers.
From stock Track-Lock Posi to 2,000+ HP all out race third members.
All parts in stock for same day pick-up or shipping and carry a Six-Month, 100% warranty from time of install.
Drag Race Suspension Set Up and Tuning, Complete Race Car Fabrication & Wiring, and Custom Stainless and Mild Steel Headers available.

Choose from 47 different Ford 9 Inch ratios in stock including 9”, 9 ½” and 10” Pro Gears! We can set you up with a rebuilt or new Trac Loc posi, Tru Trac, Wave Trac Clutchless Posies, Spools & Detroit Lockers.Ford Mustang drag racing - 9 Inch Ford rears

Rebuilding, Repairing, Gear Changes… All While You Wait!

Drop off & pick up or round trip shipping!

All Units carry a 6-month, 100% Warranty!

9 Inch Ford Third Member Applications

9” Third members available in standard case, nodular and aluminum thru bolt for street to race applications. Available with differentials for 28, 31, 35 and 40 axle spline. All third members come with new housing gasket and trac lok units come with friction modifier. Motive or US gear/Strange gears used in all third members.

For street applications up to 400-450 Hp (small block motors):

Standard case and pinion support: Used case, cleaned, glass beaded and painted or new case all new internal parts including bearings, seal, o ring, crush collar and nut. New carrier and gears. Available with New Billet Trac Lok or Eaton True Trac in 28 and 31 axle splines.

For street or race applications over 450 Hp ( all big block motors):

Nodular Case:

New aftermarket nodular case with new Daytona pinion all new internal parts including bearings, seal, o ring, solid pinion spacer and nut. New carrier and gears. Available with New Billet Trac Lok , Eaton True Trac , Grip Pro, Wave Trac or Detroit Locker in 28,31 and 35 axle splines.

Aluminum Thru Bolt Case:

For limited street cars and high horse power drag race applications, these cases are available with 3.25” bore 35 and 40 spline spools and 3.81” bore for 40 spline spools used in 1500 Hp and over Drag race cars.

Nodular Date code “N” Case:

Used case dated 1962-1970 with proper C5 Daytona pinion support, cleaned, glass beaded and painted, all new internal parts including bearings, seal, o ring, solid pinion spacer and nut. New carrier and gears. Available with stock trac lok, new Billet Trac Lok or Detroit locker. We have a steady changing supply of casting dates available. The Nodular iron case would have been standard in GT-E’s, 428 Cobra Jets, 429 Cobra Jets, Boss 429 Mustangs, Boss 302 Eliminators and Boss 302 Mustangs. We also stock Pinion snubbers and copper washers with nuts to mount third member into housing.

*The External ”N” did not appear on the nodular cases until October 31, 1968.

Carriers Explained

Trac-Lok: Clutch type differential. Requires Friction Modifier (included), very quiet, works very nice in a street car

Eaton True Trac, Grip Pro and Wave Trac: Helical gear type differential, very quiet on the street, recommended for road race applications.

Detroit Locker: Mechanical Clutch type differential, aggressive on the street, noisy on turns as this unit unlocks when one wheel is turning a different speed than the other.

Ring and Pinions: Street Gears for general street use and race cars to 1000 hp available in ratios from 250-700. Pro gears are available in 9”, 9 ½” and 10” ring gear size for higher horse power drag race applications.

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